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3 Things about Summerflow Hostel

Situated at the southern area of Liuqiu, our seafront hostel is an oasis for those who want to relax and escape from hustle and bustle of downtown, offering unique experience of tranquility in Taiwan’s countryside.


We are 30 seconds away from the sea, where people could often spot Green Sea Turtles swimming and stretching their heads out for fresh air just standing by the port.

We have comfy accommodations. Traveling with friends or family are very welcomed to our hostel as we provide rooms for 2, 4 to 6 people, which is suitable for group visits. Guests who travel alone are entitled to the luxurious double bed.


We are also an eco hostel - aiming to reduce human footprint. We use reused wood as our main material for exterior design. From bar table, benches to wooden decorations, the furniture are also hand-made by the owner Chris.  


To consume less plastic wastes, we provide our guests with mugs, wooden chopsticks and steel spoons. Also, we encourage them to bring their own toiletries and bottles as well.


Ocean View Double Room

The room unfolds the exquisite ocean view with a double bed and a single bed combined together. It can accommodate up to 3 people, that  is suitable for couples and family with young kids. 

Price - Weekday/ Weekend

(2 people - NT$3200/ NT$4000)

(3 people - NT$3600/ NT$4400)

standard Double Room

The room has a double bed and a single bed separated. It's suitable for 2-3 people. Couples and friends are welcomed to this room. 

Price - Weekday/ Weekend

(2 people - NT$2800/NT$3600)

(3 people – NT$3200/ NT$4000)

英 四人房

standard Quad


The room is at second floor. It has two double beds. The interior design is made from reused wood. One of the bed is against the wall. 

Price - Weekday/ Weekend

(NT$4800/ NT$5200)

Family Quad


The room has two double beds, locating at the first floor. It's suitable for family, especially new parents if they need to make baby formula in the middle of the night. The dispenser is right outside.

Price - Weekday/ Weekend

(NT$4800/ NT$5200)

英 六人

Six-people Dorm Room 

The room has 3 double beds combined together, enough for 6 people to stay. There are a hand-made table and a few cushions to sit with, creating a private space for big family and group of friends.

Price - Weekday/ Weekend

(NT$6600/ NT$7200)

Booking Service

Please contact us via Line or Facebook Messenger

We will give you a payment detail once your reservation is accomplished. 

Check in - 15:00 PM

Check out - 11:00 AM

  •  Scooter (NT$400/ 24hr) International Lisences required

  •  Round-trip ferry tickets (NT$400/per person)

  •  Snorkeling (NT$300/ per person)

  •  Discovering scuba diving (NT$2500/per person)

  •  BBQ dinner (NT$350/per person)

  •  Kayak (NT$800/ per person)

  • Glass bottom boat tour (NT$230/per person)

英 訂房


  • Be aware of the ferry schedule (What time is the last ferry…ect). The ferry has non-reserved seats. We suggest you arrive at the harbor in advance.

  • Bring towel, toothbrush and toothpaste - To consume less plastic wastes, we don't provide toiletries. And, we encourage our guests to use mugs, wooden chopsticks and steel spoons.

  • *Prepare cash - most of the shops in Xiao Liuqiu only accept cash. The ATM machine might not work for all the foreign banks.

  • If you need any assistance, just call us. We will help you as much as we can.

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