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3 Things about Summerflow Hostel

Situated at the south tip of Liuqiu, our seafront hostel is an oasis for those who want to relax and escape from hustle and bustle of downtown.


We are 30 seconds away away from a harbor, Haizukou, where green sea turtles eat large quantities of seaweed and algae daily. So, they will appear on the surface from time to time. Easy to spot them on the site. 

We have comfy accommodations. No need for fancy decorations. Our hostel goes with simple and plain design, providing rooms for 2, 4 to 6 people, which is suitable for group visits. Traveling alone? don’t worry. Drop us a message and we’ll figure it out. 


We aim to reduce waste as much as possible. The recycled wooden timber are the main materials for our exterior design. From the bar tables, benches to wooden decorations, our hostel is full of handmade wooden furinture.


Given that we are an offshore island, shipping is always a variable to consider when it comes to large items. So, we got the hands-on practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to get to Liuqiu from Kaohsiung to Liuqiu?

Here are the fastest steps to travel to the island. 


  1. High Speed Rail (HSR) Kaohsiung Zuoying station 

  2. Take 9127D bus to Donggang harbor ( buy the tickets at the second floor at HSR)

  3. Donggang harbor contains four ferry companies. Click the links to ferry schedule. (Dungliu, Taifu, Leuco Sapphire, and public)

  • How do foreign tourist go around the island?


The standard tourist means for moving about the island is rented scooter. There are plenty scooter shops at the harbor, including the one our hostel cooperated with. 


Other transportations are relatively inconvenient due to the unfixed timing and uncertain availability. Although Taxi is available on the island, it’s not open 24 hours or on-call. You might have wait for a long time after making the call. What’s more, the bus often goes behind schedule. 


So, the rented scooter is, by far, the most convenient vehicle on the island. 

  • What if the tourists don’t have scooter license?


Most of the scooter shop accept International driver license for renting an electrical scooter. If you can’t manage to handle the scooter, there are e-bikes as an alternative. 

  • Is every beach on the island allowed for tourist to swim?


Mostly, except for the Gaybay beach. Not allow to swim owing to the dangerous current. I would strongly suggest the ones who want to go swimming in the ocean alone should be well-equipped and experienced. Safety first. 

  • How do tourists make accommodation reservations?


Please contact us via Line or Messenger in advance. We will tailor your trip details and send them for you. 


*It’s more convenient to book online via Airbnb and Booking, but they have expensive service fee. So, if you are interested to contact us directly, feel free to drop us a message anytime*

Booking Service

Please contact us via Line or Facebook Messenger

We will give you a payment detail once your reservation is accomplished. 

  •  Scooter (NT$450/ 24hr) International Lisences required

  •  Round-trip ferry tickets (NT$430/per person)

  •  Snorkeling (NT$400/ per person)

  •  Discovering scuba diving (NT$2500/per person)

  •  BBQ dinner (NT$350/per person)

  •  Kayak (NT$800/ per person)

  • Glass bottom boat tour (NT$230/per person)

英 訂房
  1. Please double check the ferry schedule online, because they ferry companies usually change their schedule depending on peak season/ off season/ weekend holiday. 

  2. Also, the ferry has non-reserved seats. First come and first serve. On a consecutive holiday, the ferries fill up quickly. So, it's best to arrive at the harbor 30 minutes before departure. 

  3. Please prepare toiletries such as toothbrush and toothpaste. We encourage our guests to consume less plastic wastes. 

  4. ​Please prepare cash before coming to Liuqiu. Most shops on the island only accept cash. The ATM machine might not work for foreign banks.

  5. ​Check In - 15:00 PM/ Check Out - 11:00 AM

  6. ​Smoking and vaping are prohibited in indoor spaces. 



Ocean View Double Room

The room unfolds the exquisite ocean view with a double bed and a single bed combined together. It can accommodate up to 3 people, that  is suitable for couples and family with young kids. 

Price - Weekday/ Weekend

(2 people - NT$3200/ NT$4000)

(3 people - NT$3600/ NT$4400)

英 四人房

standard Quad


The room is at second floor. It has two double beds. The interior design is made from reused wood. One of the bed is against the wall. 

Price - Weekday/ Weekend

(NT$4800/ NT$5200)

standard Double Room

The room has a double bed and a single bed separated. It's suitable for 2-3 people. Couples and friends are welcomed to this room. 

Price - Weekday/ Weekend

(2 people - NT$2800/NT$3600)

(3 people – NT$3200/ NT$4000)

Family Quad


The room has two double beds, locating at the first floor. It's suitable for family, especially new parents if they need to make baby formula in the middle of the night. The dispenser is right outside.

Price - Weekday/ Weekend

(NT$4800/ NT$5200)

英 六人

Six-people Dorm Room 

The room has 3 double beds combined together, enough for 6 people to stay. There are a hand-made table and a few cushions to sit with, creating a private space for big family and group of friends.​

Price - Weekday/ Weekend

(NT$6600/ NT$7200)

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